Happy Happy Thanksgiving!

I celebrated Thanksgiving at my new place with my roommates. We spent the mid morning at the local school playing a game of two-on-two touch football followed by a game of soccer. I sported my Cal jersey, just to counterbalance the Ducks shirt that my roomie was wearing. It was a blast and I wish we had a larger group to keep it up. Maybe next year?

There happened to be a brief fire in the fireplace, and I stepped in dog crap on the field. I feel like I had to share that with you in my pictures. Haha.  I also feel like Jordan and I look like sisters here. PicMonkey Collage

Because all of my roomies were heading out of town for family Thanksgivings, we substituted the normal evening feast for a morning brunch. Jordan has a catering business, so it was no surprise when she whipped up raspberry goat cheese stuffed french toast, sausage and a breakfast hash with sweet potatoes and lamb. So delicious! I only got a picture of the french toast before it all disappeared. PicMonkey Collage

I feel like I might be coming down with a cold, and though I would have loved the traditional turkey, stuffing, cranberry combo, I made myself a big pot of chicken soup from scratch instead. I used Jenna’s recipes off of Eat Live Run. There is something healing in homemade chicken soup, and I plan on it lasting me the rest of the week.

I also burnt some time baking  Chocolate Cinnamon Challah bread and planning my Christmas shopping list. I can’t believe its a start to another holiday season! I’m three loaves deep in beautiful Challah, and I think they will be greatly appreciated in the break room tomorrow during the Black Friday craziness at World Market. Is anyone going out for the pre-Black Friday sales going on tonight? I think I’ll pass….lol.

I hope you had a wonderful, poulty, love and football filled Thanksgiving!


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